29 Oct 2012

Comment on the play Tagore's Achalayoton, by Bhabikal Silchar.

" On Achalayoton A couple of weeks ago I witnessed Achalayoton by Tagore , adapted and directed by Shantanu Paul, at Silchar District Library auditorium. Adaptation, so far I understand, has been made keeping the ethos of the play.A dialogue based play like Achalayoton is indeed at the first thought almost impossible for stage acting , credit goes to Shantanu that he made it possible. I was simply amazed through out from the start to the end of the play. Once you plug your eyes to it , you won’t move them away—such a hooking power the play Shantanu manoeuvred. Kudos to Shantanu. Yet some confusion that haunted me, slightly jerked me: were it necessary to be a role of a Muslim in the play? I find it improvisation, mechanically made a make-belief of communal harmony. Your tiny king wearing long cap is okay—it adds some flavour, shades some colour to the play. Dialogues of two actors were not audible to the extent it is expected. Dear Shantanu, never take it a critique please. It’s simply an informal view. Sorry, I’m too late submitting my observation. Thanks to all your crewmen and participants as well.I should have written at least this much immediately, but I felt so much inhibition in writing—where to start, how to start—mainly when you’re overwhelmed with the thing you liked you might fail to put across your say in a proper manner. And I submitted my inability particularly of this play to you when you called me, and why I hadn't called you first-- my normal trait, I also made the clarification—that time I deviated from. Thanks."

By Mr.Samarbijoy Chakraborty, Silchar.

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